Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

A Society without Electrical works is unimaginable. EEE deals with the study & applications of electricity, Electronic & Electro Magnetism. Electrical engineers provide power for the industrial and domestic needs & also involved in generation, protection, transmission & distribution of same. It involves practical application of technology to enhance the lives of everyone through electricity.


The Laboratory has ample number of Voltmeters & Ammeters that students use in various laboratories like Machines, Control Systems, Power Systems. Shunt motors, Compound Motors, Generators, Transformers, Rheostats, Induction Motor enhances the state of the laboratory.


The EEE branch has an ample scope to get placed in leading companies. Electrical Engineers have the ability to change the power of the world through inventions. The scope of the EEE in future is very bright because both the government & the private sector show their interest in this field. Electrical engineering is a core branch of engineering and there are lots of opportunities for students in the market.


Forth coming courses
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