Discipline Committee comprising senior staff members and Head of the departments and Vice Principal has been constituted to watch the behavior of the students. The Committee works with the following functions.

  1. It controls the Eve-teasing among the students.
  2. It conducts periodical enquiries and suggests suitable actions to be taken by the Principal when the students indulge in indiscipline activities.
  3. It also curtails the students from taking part in party politics.
  4. It also watches and report to the parents about the students who are irregular and with undesired behaviours. They are given proper advice and warnings.
  5. It prevents the use of Mobiles in the College Campus.
  6. The Discipline Committee Members on daily basis in groups go around the college during the leisure times and watch and report the activities of the students in the college premises to the Principal or to the Director.
  7. It advices to avoid meeting with girls in the college premises.


The College Council comprises of all the HODs of all the Departments, headed by the principal and it meets in the presence of the Director and the Secretary. It meets periodically to discuss various aspects related to academic progress, general discipline, conduct of monthly tests, term end examinations and also all other connected affairs of the college.


All the Staff members periodically meet and the meetings will be presided over by the Principal. The Staff members will discuss the matters related to academic subjects, internal assessments, conduct of periodical tests and students follow-up cards etc.


Women welfare council is functioning in our college with a senior lady Assistant Professor as the Convenor. Frequent meetings are conducted to give valuable suggestions to improve the welfare of our women students. Periodical counselling, Lectures by eminent Doctors and suggestions to the ailments of the women students and the other hygienic measures are given. The council also arranges for group discussions among the girl students and to provide training for the development of morally up right, intellectually alert, socially conscious, scientifically oriented, nationally energetic contributive and energetic women folk to face the challenges of life with self-confidence. The council also advises through periodical meetings about the menace of child marriages and evils of elopement during their study period.


The Committee consists of the Secretary as Chairman, the Director as the patron, the Principal as the President and other dignitaries like the Deputy Superintendent of Police, the Inspector of Police and the senior members of the Staff and the Wardens of the Hostel as Members. The aim of the Anti-Ragging Committee is to eradicate the menace of ragging in any form in the College Campus and in the Hostels. Ragging in any form is to be totally prohibited. If the students or any student found indulged in ragging he / she will be immediately expelled from the College as for the recommendations of the College will follow the orders of the Government in respect of any such incident.


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