Hostel Facilities

Separate Hostel facilities are available for Boys and Girls. The Special feature of the Hostel is that free accommodation is provided to all the inmates of the hostel. The Principal is the Warden and the Deputy Warden is a Senior Lecturer and to assist him there are Resident Tutors.

Our Mess is functioning under the control of the Management and it is providing Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian meals at the reasonable cost. The Students are advised to take their meals in time and no meal should be taken out of the mess campus. If Violated the students would be expelled from the hostel.

LCD TV is installed for entertainment in the weekends. Guest house and Staff Quarters are under construction. Internet lab is opened for the benefit of the hostel students after the college hours between 4.30 & 6PM.

Rules & Regulations For Hostel Students:

  •   A hostel resident stay in the room allotted to him / her with two or more inmates.
  •  Inmates of each room are jointly responsible for the furniture.
  •   Guests, outsiders, day scholars are strictly prohibited from entering the hostel premises without prior permission from the warden.
  •   Once a student reserves his/her accommodation and pays the fees for it, he / she should not stay outside the hostel.
  •   Students may be expelled from the hostel for violation of rules and misconduct such as theft, ragging, abnormal behavior, use of drugs and alcohol, indiscipline, non-payment of fees, etc.
  •   A Student expelled on disciplinary grounds shall be forfeited of his/ her fee deposit.
  •   Electronic items, Mobiles, F.M.Radios, Laptops usage is prohibited inside the hostel.


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