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There are 20 Departments in Our College and well equipped laboratories are available in various faculties. The Computer Science Department has a fully air conditioned laboratory with 200 systems separately arranged for U.G and P.G Students. The Department of Computer Science is headed by a senior professor Thiru M.Dhevendran, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., who is also the Vice principal of the College. Each and every Department is headed by an experienced professor who will be the Head of the Department. Internet and Website facilities are available.

Simultaneous studying of Diploma courses are offered to make benefit of the students to study job-oriented Diplomas while studying the U.G or P.G Courses. All the Departments help the Students not only to study their University syllabus but also inculcate the roots of self motivation, self confidence, and the thirst to succeed in life. All the Departments’ Students are given Computer training in an alternative method so that all the students are given the opportunity to acquire computer knowledge and skill which become an essential need of the day.

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